Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to Dine Out Inexpensively New Years Eve or Other Occasions

It is possible to dine out to celebrate New Years or other special events without breaking the bank. You and your guests will have a wonderful time and you want feel guilty about spending money that you should not spend. We have a few suggestions that may help you with a dining out plan that you can refer to on New Years or at any time.

Take a look at your budget and decide how much you can afford to spend for this meal. This is a very important task because once you make this decision; you need to stay within the guideline that you choose. In other words, if you feel that you will spend $100.00 then that is what you will spend however less is acceptable. You are in charge of this celebration and the finances.

Go on line or make a few calls as to the prices of the meals at restaurants of your choice. There are also menus on line as well as reviews from clients that you can utilize to make a logical decision. You can also look in the paper for specials that are available for dining.

Choose the restaurant, the date that this event will happen and make a reservation for the number of people that will be attending this get together. Now you know how much you are spending, where you’re going and when the party will take place.

You still have work to do to save cash and have big fun. You may want to have a wine sip either before or after the dinner at your home. This saves cash and adds warmth to the occasion. You can purchase a couple bottles of wine, nonalcoholic drinks a bag of chips and you’re on and your pals will love it. Since you’re on budget this takes a bit from the stash of money that was allocated for the meal but will save in the long run because you can be clear with your guests that lunch or dinner is at the restaurant and alcoholic beverages are at your home.

Not drinking alcoholic beverages in restaurants is a big savings. As a matter of fact the check for alcoholic beverages in a lot of cases exceeds the amount of cash spent for the food. If you think that the guests will still order drinks on you it’s ok to tell the wait staff that you’re responsible for the food and soft stuff the guest’s are responsible for their own alcohol. According to my sources this is an acceptable practice and staff people are trained on how to give the patrons this information without being offensive. Another option for drinks may be you bring a bottle. Some restaurants allow this practice for a fee.

Now you have your budget and a plan for a wonderful celebration with your family and or friends. You can have a ball and keep cash in your pocket. Have a Great time! Happy Celebration!

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