Thursday, December 9, 2010

Famous New Years Eve Hotels

Every big city has its great hotels, and because the holiday season has started and New Year’s Eve seems to approach rather fast, here are some famous hotels you can listen to the clock striking midnight in when the last night of the year comes.

First of all, if you’re planning on going to Miami Beach, you should definitely stay at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel. This is an exquisite set that has set the stage for an extraordinary holiday season experience. Whether you want to take your family or you want to party with more friends, this hotel in Miami is definitely your place to spend New Year’s Eve. There is a special gift you’ll receive for early reservations, so make sure you book up a room today.

If you’re looking for a famous hotel in Chicago, you can choose The Palmer Hotel, which is an absolutely iconic modern world-class hotel located downtown. It’s a really fun and lively destination and every great attraction is really near, so it would make a great New Year’s Eve destination.   

The New York Marriott Marquis Hotel is located in the heart of Times Square and the Broadway theater district and it incorporates the energy and fun in all Manhattan. All the rooms and suites are sparkly; there are high-speed elevators and six hotel restaurants and lounges. If you add attractions such as Fifth Avenue shopping or Rockefeller Center nearby, you can bet you’ve chosen the best hotel to spend the last night of the year.

The Beverly Hills Hotel, also known as the “Pink Palace” is located on Sunset Boulevard and it is older than the city itself. Enjoy the Polo Lounge Restaurant for a great New Year’s Eve evening, or try the less expensive Fountain Coffee Shop and imagine you might be sleeping in one of the beds John F. Kennedy or Angelina Jolie have slept.

If you’re interested in a hotel in San Francisco, you should book a room at the St Francis Luxury Collection Hotel, located in the heart of the San Francisco, near Union Square or Chinatown. This is an amazing hotel you can enjoy some fun moments with your loved ones.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Years Eve Chicago Ideas

New Years Eve Chicago Ideas
If you live in Chicago, or if you’re planning on spending New Year’s Eve there, you could either go to a club, listen to live music or you can simply enjoy a nice quiet family dinner at home. Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to keep a festive air floating all the time, have as much fun as possible and enjoy the last day of the year.

If you’re young and music and dancing are your all time favorites, your New Year’s Eve plans are quite simple to figure out: you should find a great club. You could even choose one that will be having a theme party or an open bar where you could drink free champagne and eat free appetizers. Dress up in a crazy costume, take your friends with and dance your way towards 2011. You can also opt for a less expensive club, maybe smaller and less crowded, especially if you are a party person but you also prefer to spend less.

If you still want to go out, but you’d prefer keeping it low, you can make reservations at one of the fancy restaurants and go with that special someone in your life or take a few close friends and spend a more quiet evening.

If you want to enjoy some great live concerts in Chicago, you can go to the Aragon Entertainment Center and enjoy the nice bands that will be playing at midnight. Or, you can go to the Navy Pier and enjoy some great live music and some great fireworks at midnight. Everything is free there, so you should make the most out of your evening. On the other hand, if you’re older or you simply don’t feel like partying like crazy in a club all night, you can always plan a great family dinner, maybe invite a couple of old friends over and have a blast. Arm yourself with plenty of food and drinks, confetti and party hats, invent fun party games and engage everyone in to playing. Count backwards at midnight and enjoy having everyone you love around you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Year's Eve Las Vegas Ideas

New Years Eve Las Vegas Ideas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We’re all familiar with the saying. But does the same apply for spending New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas? Well, it pretty much depends on what you decide to do in the last night of the year, while in Vegas.

Thus, if you’re planning on having a crazy New Year’s Eve in Vegas, start by searching for a not so pricey hotel there, and start searching ahead if you want to save some money also. Plus, make sure you also book an early flight there or go on a road trip and make things even more fun.

Once you get there, look for a club or a bar, but, whatever you do, make sure you are in the casino before you get locked out. If you’re also planning to eat something that night, make sure to plan your meal carefully. A reservation is the wisest action you should follow, as all places will be literally full.

If you’re an early person, wake up early on New Year’s Eve and sit in a sport book all day and watch football. The Las Vegas strip has some of the biggest parties every year. How big? Imagine a few hundred thousand people gathered around in the streets, waiting for the clock to strike midnight and to enter the New Year. This is an experience you will surely never forget, or not easily, anyway. You can watch the amazingly huge fireworks display at midnight. For even more excitement, find a place in the center of the crowd and enjoy the magic in the sky. Plus, the strip is going to be closed to car traffic, and there won’t be any vehicles ruining your evening. This party is totally free, all you need to do is buy all the drinks you want before the evening actually starts, as it will be very difficult to go from one place to another once you get there. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Years Eve Ideas

Everyone knows New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to establish new resolutions for the year to come. Plus, it means a day or, better yet, an evening full of surprises and a lot of fun for everyone, whether you celebrate in the streets with a champagne bottle in a hand and a glass in the other, or at a fancy restaurant or even in a special club. There are plenty of things you can do on New Year’s Eve, but if you are all out of ideas since last year, here are some interesting tips on how to spend the last day of the year and make the most out of it.

You can start by making your own personalized New Year’s party hats and noisemakers. Everyone loves these, and putting your own ideas into making them will boost the fun and pleasure. Even your kids can make them, just buy some basic art supplies, look up some great models and ideas on the Internet and off you go, playing the little artists. Plus, you can make your own noisemakers, use lots of glitter, stickers and decorations and make sure your kids can enjoy them before they go to bed.
Another great idea is to throw the biggest funkiest party ever, invite all of your friends and engage them into fun games. If they need a little stimulation, bring them their favorite drinks and loosen them up. As a matter of fact, as soon as your guests arrive, make sure you handle them a piece of paper with numbered from one to three and ask them to write down two real New Year’s resolutions and a fake one. Then, tape these notes on an empty wall and make sure everyone sees them and have a blast reading them. After a while, when everyone really starts to loosen up, ask your guests to state which are their fake resolutions for more fun. 

If you don’t have a large budget, you can keep it low by dimming the lights, use sparkling d├ęcor and serve tasty party food in stemware. Everyone will believe you’ve spent a fortune on the party.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family New Years Eve

Spending quality time with your family in today's busy world is a big deal and New Year' Eve is probably one of the best times for some family fun. There are so many ways to enjoy New Year with family. 

One can make use of the various New Year eve packages that are offered by many companies to spend the day at an exciting place. Alternately, people can go to a New Year party in a restaurant with family and enjoy the food and programs that take place there. One can also take a drive to some local favorite place and enjoy a  picnic with family. This will help the moms and dads to spend some quality time with their kids. 

Another great way is to have a quiet dinner at home with family followed by a movie. All members can lend a hand with cooking and this will make it all the more fun. You can bring out all the china and silver ware and have beautiful candle light dinner at home and enjoy the New Year eve. You can even arrange for a potluck with family and friends on the New Year Eve. 

So, welcome the new year with your family so that you continue to have many days of family time through the new year.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to Get New Years Eve Deals

Most of us can save a tremendous amount of money and get incredible  New Years Eve deals if we plan and act. At the end of the year, businesses come up with new promotional ideas to further their businesses and attract consumers for sales. If you want to get the best New Year Eve deals, consider the following pointers:

For Travel:

Ideally, travel deals and booking should be completed at least a month in advance. After deciding the place to visit, determine which travel agents offer the best tour packages on the destination of  your choice. Compare packages from different agents in terms of cost, living conditions, travel fares, days of visit, VISA charges, and hidden costs.

For Shopping:

Every year, retail chain giants like Wal-Mart attract millions of consumers with their attractive deals during the last month of the year. They offer food items, clothing, and accessories at "throwaway prices". Before purchasing check their expiration dates and buy items that will benefit you economically (not just ones that seem like an awesome deal). 

For Gifts:

New Years Eve means showering gifts to almost everyone we know – family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and others. Get those gift deals which offer heavy discounts for bulk purchases. For example, for return gifts you can select 2-3 gift items and buy their variants in terms of color and designs, and place a bulk order.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cool New Years Eve Ideas

The start of a new year should always be poignant and memorable, but not necessarily boisterous and wild. We all know that New Year’s Eve parties are suppose to be exciting because of great expectations for a new start. The year behind may have been a swell and successful one, or it may have been full of problems and let-downs. Thus, ushering in a new year is like a brand new slate.

Here are some cool ways you can start the new year right, and maybe even make it the best New Year’s Eve you’ve ever had.

Go Green

How about passing up on the paper cups, and going elegant and classy with wine glasses and shimmering crystals? If you do so, you are making a bold statement that you are going up in the world and plan to make the new year your most successful thus far. Or, you could just buy biodegradable cups and plates which is equally admirable.

Get Away From The Crowd

If you have been always around a lot of people every New Year’s Eve, how about going on a holiday with just your family or best friends? You could take a cruise or drive out to the coast, or just hang out in your house. If any one gets drunk, they can just sleep over.

Prepare a Feast

What about a major cook out. Pull out all the stops and prepare your best dishes. Get your family and friends to contribute their best dishes, and simple have a gastronomic experience all night long. you could even have them over right after breakfast or lunch, and spend the day cheering and eating together, playing games, singing songs, watching old movies, and simply enjoying each others company.

The coolest New Year’s Eve idea is to be with the people you love. Forget about business, problems, and just focus on the most important people in your life. There is nothing else that should matter - not the food, not the drinks, not even the venue.