Monday, July 5, 2010

Cool New Years Eve Ideas

The start of a new year should always be poignant and memorable, but not necessarily boisterous and wild. We all know that New Year’s Eve parties are suppose to be exciting because of great expectations for a new start. The year behind may have been a swell and successful one, or it may have been full of problems and let-downs. Thus, ushering in a new year is like a brand new slate.

Here are some cool ways you can start the new year right, and maybe even make it the best New Year’s Eve you’ve ever had.

Go Green

How about passing up on the paper cups, and going elegant and classy with wine glasses and shimmering crystals? If you do so, you are making a bold statement that you are going up in the world and plan to make the new year your most successful thus far. Or, you could just buy biodegradable cups and plates which is equally admirable.

Get Away From The Crowd

If you have been always around a lot of people every New Year’s Eve, how about going on a holiday with just your family or best friends? You could take a cruise or drive out to the coast, or just hang out in your house. If any one gets drunk, they can just sleep over.

Prepare a Feast

What about a major cook out. Pull out all the stops and prepare your best dishes. Get your family and friends to contribute their best dishes, and simple have a gastronomic experience all night long. you could even have them over right after breakfast or lunch, and spend the day cheering and eating together, playing games, singing songs, watching old movies, and simply enjoying each others company.

The coolest New Year’s Eve idea is to be with the people you love. Forget about business, problems, and just focus on the most important people in your life. There is nothing else that should matter - not the food, not the drinks, not even the venue. 

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