Monday, December 6, 2010

New Year's Eve Las Vegas Ideas

New Years Eve Las Vegas Ideas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We’re all familiar with the saying. But does the same apply for spending New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas? Well, it pretty much depends on what you decide to do in the last night of the year, while in Vegas.

Thus, if you’re planning on having a crazy New Year’s Eve in Vegas, start by searching for a not so pricey hotel there, and start searching ahead if you want to save some money also. Plus, make sure you also book an early flight there or go on a road trip and make things even more fun.

Once you get there, look for a club or a bar, but, whatever you do, make sure you are in the casino before you get locked out. If you’re also planning to eat something that night, make sure to plan your meal carefully. A reservation is the wisest action you should follow, as all places will be literally full.

If you’re an early person, wake up early on New Year’s Eve and sit in a sport book all day and watch football. The Las Vegas strip has some of the biggest parties every year. How big? Imagine a few hundred thousand people gathered around in the streets, waiting for the clock to strike midnight and to enter the New Year. This is an experience you will surely never forget, or not easily, anyway. You can watch the amazingly huge fireworks display at midnight. For even more excitement, find a place in the center of the crowd and enjoy the magic in the sky. Plus, the strip is going to be closed to car traffic, and there won’t be any vehicles ruining your evening. This party is totally free, all you need to do is buy all the drinks you want before the evening actually starts, as it will be very difficult to go from one place to another once you get there. 

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