Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cool Things to Do on New Years Eve

New Years Eve is the time for preparing ways to welcome the coming year with heartfelt wishes for family and friends. There are loads of things to do on New Years Eve such as

-        For the shopping enthusiast - shopping and buy gifts for your spouse, children, parents, colleagues, and friends. Retailers often offer goods at discounted prices as well.

-       For the uninhibited - attend parties or simply go clubbing. Another option is to  visit pubs with friends and let your hair down at the stroke of midnight.

-        For professionals - avoid work and go somewhere fun! Book a cruise, a holiday tour, adventure trips, or hotel getaways are preferred options.

-        For the traditional and homely types -  invite your family and friends for a get together at home. Start cooking favorite New Year dishes from morning, spend the day gossiping, exchanging gifts, and user in New Year over a glass of wine at midnight.

-       For the spiritual - visit nearest Church and sit there through choir songs, prayers, and priest sermons. Try to grapple with the meaning of life and pray that New Year brings loads of happiness! 
Photo:Francesco Marino

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