Friday, June 18, 2010

Tips for Choosing New Years' Eve Packages

From November onwards, travel agents get busy with preparing and offering New Year deal packages to prospective consumers. They design the deals in such a way to attract customers as this is the time to earn maximum profits. However one should consider the pros and cons of packages before finalizing them. Here are some pointers:

-       Never select packages without enquiring what all benefits you will be getting. Some travel agents try to put up an exterior show and highlight only the best aspects of a deal. You, on the other hand, you should ask about hidden charges, what deals does the package covers, and so on. If you are visiting a foreign destination, it is apt to ask whether the deal with cover air ticket costs, taxes, visa charges, and others.
-       Compare packages. Many times dealers offer different packages for the same destination. Ask what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one package over the other.
-       Does the package cover travel insurance? Travel insurance is the latest fad. After all the security and safety of the passengers should be of utmost importance.

Book your New Year's Eve travel package weeks in advance as it is problematic to receive last moment reservations anyway. 

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