Friday, June 18, 2010

Top New Year's Resolutions

Everybody makes New Year resolutions but there are only a handful of people who actually bother to fulfill the resolutions. Within a month into New Year, all the promises are forgotten and once again life travels on the known path.  For the brave hearted, here are some New Year resolutions to take:
-       Lose weight! Doesn’t it remind you of Bridget Jones diary? Yes, with rising obesity levels, losing weight is one practical resolution.
-       To bring career on track! Well, for starters, you could try making your life more professional and career oriented by getting the right job that offers stability.
-       Find Love! Ironically love can’t be found, love finds you. But still, for many the idea of leading a lonely life is irksome and so they make resolution to find love.
-       Become a parent! Yes, you read right! A woman I knew took the resolution to become a mother and I am sure there are more such women in the world.
-       Save Nature! For the philanthropist and nature lover in you, you could actually do your bit in saving our mother nature by using biodegradable products, organic fabrics, planting trees, and thus erase your carbon footprint.

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