Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What to Do for New Year's Eve

In the transition from one year to another, we think of celebrating the going year remembering the trails and tribulations and hope for better future in the upcoming year. On New Years Day, people meet and enjoy with closest of friends and family in the silent bond of compassion and love. Arrange a party at home – give presents to children, wishes to your loved ones, prepare delicious cuisines and make merry.

For the fun loving, people can visit pubs, restaurants, and dance your way into New Year. Another way to usher in New Year is to take an adventurous trip or star cruise for exotic locations. During this time, you will get New Year packages at lesser rates or travel agents offer heavy discounts.

For lovers, this time is ideal to spend close to each other or go on a romantic getaway. For those with charitable inclination can visit charity institutions and spend their day among the orphans or old retired people, for them even a glitter oh happiness is like sunshine for them. Buy new clothes, food, toys for them and gift them individually.

Spread happiness all around and surely you will get your pound of pie some day or the other with extra happiness! 
Photo:Salvatore Vuono

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